2015 Red Kite Omnium Rules


How to Enter - Entry into any 2015 Red Kite Omnium Series event automatically enters the contestant into the 2015 Red Kite Omnium in the same category as the race entry (it’s free!)  Prizes are awarded based on final standings after all events are completed. Contestants may enter multiple categories.


Scoring - Winner of each event receives twenty-five points (regardless of field size) with each descending place receiving one fewer point down to a minimum score of one point for twenty-fifth place and below. All starters are guaranteed one point.


Primes and Sprint Points – Primes and sprint points are worth five bonus points per each.


Double Points Races – All points (race and prime points) are doubled at RKO#6-Red Kite Criterium (May 10), RKO#8-Tri-Valley Criterium Classic (June 20), and the 2015 Red Kite Omnium Finale (Saturday, September 5 and/or Sunday, September 6, 2015).


Win and You’re In! – Winners at each event receive a complimentary entry into the next event in the 2014 Red Kite Omnium Series.  This is a non-transferable entry.


Special Mid-Season Award for Category 4 Men – In order to encourage and accommodate upgrades the awards and prize package will be divided into “Spring” and “Full Season” awards.  A spring champion and six place deep award package (based on accumulated omnium prize value to that point) will be awarded at the culmination of the Tri-Valley Criterium Classic on June 20, 2015.  The “Full Season” prize package will be calculated by the per rider value accumulated during the remaining events in the series (see prize value calculation method above).


Highest point total wins! -  In case of a tie places will be added together and divided equally (example – the top three racers end the season with 168 points in the Elite 4 Category.  Money for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are added together and distributed equally among the winners.   The next rider receives 4th place award)


Prize Value - For every entry in a category, two dollars are placed into the omnium prize pool for that category (example – an average of fifty-two riders over fourteen events in the 35+ 1/2/3 category equals $1,456.00 total prize pool for that category).


Prizes – Prizes will be awarded six places deep for each omnium category.  Any category that exceeds $2,000 in total prize value will be awarded ten places deep.  Prizes may be any combination of cash, gift certificates or merchandise.  Prizes will be awarded at the Red Kite Championship Weekend (Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6, 2015).  All prizes and awards must be picked up by the racer earning the award and picture identification will be required.  Any single prize exceeding $600 in value will require a W-9 form (no form, no prize).  Prizes not picked up by 6:00 PM on September 6, 2015 shall be deemed forfeited.  No exceptions.